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I  GREW UP in Budapest (HU) in a middle class family. Althrough I was never surrounded by artists I always had a passion for art: since a young age I was writting, drawing and paiting.​ I went to university in Cluj Napoca (RO) and studied film theory and film making. I've been also working in the movie industry as a set painter. The world of CINEMATOGRAPHY amazes me, the making of any movie just in itself tells more about our existence and it's abdsurdity than the actual end product.

I came to discover SCULPTING  in 2017, just little after I moved to Bretagne (FR). It was a suprise to me how naturally I find my way around with the 3 dimension art form. Even though I didn't have any prior study. I like to experiment on my own seeing sculpting as an endless playground.

WHY I do what I do? When I was 3 yers old, I was depressed and  my mother took me to the psychologist. At that age I was too young to speak out my mind so I had to draw. I think that's how everything started.

Since then art is a necessity for me to cope with the humour of life.

Currently I'm living and creating in Bretagne, close to the sea. I have a little studio there and that is my happy place. I am constantly working to further DEVELOP my artistic manner and refine my technique of expression.

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